H&MV Engineering are proud to launch our newly developed ‘SOR App’. This smart phone application is used to record Safety Observation Reports from employees. This aids our EHS Department in keeping all employees safe on site. Using this application, it makes the process of recording Safety Observation Reports paperless and environmentally friendly. H&MV Engineering are always striving to improve our processes by engaging in new and developing technologies.

We consider the Safety Health and Welfare of employees as of the utmost importance. We identify risks in the workplace by the use of SORs. An example of this was when the EHS team received an SOR from an office worker, who’s observation was that a good healthy initiative would be to take a fresh air break to improve employee wellbeing. The EHS Manager launched an initiative known as ‘Fresh Air Friday’. This resulted in a more positive outlook by staff who looked forward to taking time out each Friday. Staff now look forward to their 20 minute walk every Friday at lunchtime.

With the company’s growth rate increasing, and the demand for our services across different countries, our employees travel longer distances. With Feedback from the Safety Observation Reports (SOR’s), H&MV Engineering’s EHS Department collaborated with the Scheduling Department to find a solution. We incorporated travel days in to the workers schedules, allowing them adequate time for rest, before and after a long commute to site. This has been a source of encouragement for the workers to stay near site overnight and drive home the next morning, feeling refreshed and alert.

New technology for Safety Training has also been introduced. All employees now carry a H&MV Engineering photo I.D. card with them which includes a QR code. This code, when scanned using a smartphone, contains all the employees up to date safety training certificates which is very useful when moving from site to site. The added benefit to this system is that all the training certification is centrally controlled on SharePoint and therefore preventing the scanning of training certs that may be out of date.

One of our objectives for 2017 is to finish the year, doubling the amount of SORs captured for 2016 to raise Safety Awareness. Safety Observation Reports among other things help the EHS Team to see the site from the perspective of the site worker – “what they consider a hazard or what they consider a ‘good catch’ to be”. In an effort to drive participation in filling out the SOR’s, the EHS Team plan to have an ‘SOR Drive’ – asking employees to submit one a day during the international safety week. At the end of the week a winner will be selected and receive acclaim on our social media channels and a gift voucher.

We at H&MV always try and embrace technological innovation. With our new Safety Observation Report smartphone application we have found that it helps reach out to employees the way that society now communicates with each other and employees now find it easier to report safe or unsafe incidents on site which helps improve our safety culture within the company.