UK – Data Centre ​

Client Challenges

A DC client required a competent contractor to deliver power capacity of 90 MVA to service major international clients at their Campus. A network was designed that would support a multiple ring system with dual supplies at 11kV to each data centre building.




132 kV

Completion Date


H&MV Solution

  • H&MV Engineering as principal contractor were responsible for the design, supply & installation of the 132 kV grid substation including 132 kV AIS equipment, 132/11 kV transformers, and the 11 kV modular switchgear building (built to IDNO standards). This also included all on site civil works to facilitate UKPN’s cable from the POC to the new site.
  • 11 kV switchgear feeders in compliance with the client requirements to ensure the protection integrates with the existing network and that of the IDNO and UKPN.
    The on-site civil works for the 132 & 11 kV compound.
  • Liaison and compliance with all local authority and discharging all planning requirements.

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