Project Scope

H&MV can tailor our services to meet your Renewables needs.

We offer full HV Switching & Operations and HV Predictive and Preventive Maintenance to our customers, ranging from just HV Switching to full HV Maintenance, including HV Switchgear, Tap changer, Transformer Condition Assessment, Transformer Oil Sampling Analysis, Partial Discharge and Thermal Imaging right up to full Substation & Compound Maintenance. We provide 24/7/365 Emergency callout for our customers with response times of 2-4 hrs.

We provide Cable Jointing and Spare Parts supply for key spares where required. We also offer full turnkey services, such as Building general services, Fire & Security Alarm Supply and Maintenance with Certification, Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and other services.

Scope of Testing & Maintenance

  • Transformer Condition Analysis
  • HV Switchgear Preventive Maintenance
  • Oil Sample Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging & PD
  • Senior Authorised Personel
  • Emergency Response for Fault Conditions:
    • Cable Faults
    • Transformer Faults
    • Switchgear Trips




110/33/20 kV

Start Date


Completion Date


Type of Equipment

  • 1.5 GW+ of renewable maintenance contracts
  • 110/33/20 kV Transformers
  • 24 kV HV Primary Switchgear
  • Auxiliary Voltage Systems
  • Substation Compound Maintenance
  • Turbine OEM Maintenance

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