Magheramore Wind Farm

Project Scope

  • 40.8 MW Wind farm grid connection to the ESB Distribution System Operator
  • Rail and river crossings along the cable route which required High Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • Financing deadlines presented a challenge to the delivery programme

H&MV Solution

  • Project Management of the Magheramore 38 kV Wind farm grid connection
  • The design and build scope included development of a 38 kV Substation and compound, a 7.2 km 38 kV cable route and 12km of 33 kV cable connecting the wind farms
  • H&MV delivered on time and in line with ESB functional specifications


Co. Mayo


38 kV


Completion Date


Technical Information

  • Project management and commissioning of a new 38 kV AIS Substation
  • Daily toolbox talks, weekly progress and safety meetings, issue and risk management along with regular status reporting
  • Electrical design build and installation of the new 38 kV Substation and associated cable routes
  • Earthing studies and earthing design installation
  • The cable routes presented challenges due to the requirement for a directional drilling for a rail and river crossing
  • H&MV designed in accordance with ESBN’s functional requirements and managed the design through the ESBN design review process
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) of all HV equipment
  • Provide the client with a suitable metering class CT and VT for metering requirements
  • Provide a suitable 38 kV protection/metering class CT for differential protection and metering
  • Produce a complete set of civil and electrical as-built drawings and Safety Handover file

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