Coalburn Substation

Project Scope

  • There was a requirement for a new 400 / 132 kV transformer Switchbay
  • It was an existing brownfield site, so there were key interfaces to manage
  • Time constraints regarding grid outages


Coalburn, Scotland


400 / 132 kV


Start Date



Completion Date

July 2019

H&MV Solution

  • H&MV were responsible for the project management of the installation of a new 360 MVA 400/132 kV transformer AIS switchgear bay
  • H&MV staff held appropriate Scottish Power Authorisations so therefore had the skills and competencies to deliver this project
  • H&MV ensured early engagement with Scottish Power to meet outage dates and commissioning plans

Technical Information

  • H&MV project managed the installation of a new 360 MVA 400/132 kV transformer AIS switchgear bay for Scottish Power at Lanarkshire
  • As part of this project, the 400 kV and 132 kV main and reserve busbar were extended
  • Installation of a new 132 kV bus section utilising two spare 132 kV bays to create the section
  • Installation of a 400 kV and 132 kV Bus Coupler AIS equipment, installation of new control and protection system, and modifications to existing busbar protection
  • H&MV interfaced with both Scottish Power to develop the commissioning plans and ensure outages are kept to a minimum
  • H&MV commissioned the 400 kV and 132 kV worked adhering to the outage plan and ensuring minimal outages
  • Responsible for issuing the Integrated Test Plans ( ITPs ), Construction Management Plans, Quality Plans, Safety Management Plan and Temporary Works Registers as specified by Scottish Power
  • Daily toolbox talks, weekly progress and safety meetings, issue and risk management along with monthly status reporting. A complete set of as-built drawings and a safety handover file were provided at completion

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