Data Centres

High Voltage Grid Infrastructure 

At H&MV, we have a fundamental understanding of the complex challenges that high voltage grid infrastructure delivery presents to the construction programmes of Data Centres.

We have successfully completed projects across UK, EU, the Middle East and South Africa – in the process developing unparalleled expertise across multi-jurisdictional, hyperscale projects.  

What makes our projects successful? 

One of the key factors in the successful delivery of high voltage grid infrastructure is early-stage engagement with our clients.

Being involved in a project as early as concept design stage allows us to manage and co-ordinate the utility interaction and significantly reduce the design and procurement timeframes.  

Engineering & Design

Our portfolio of services includes and is not limited to:

Feasibility Studies & Planning

Tailored to client specific needs, from site selection, planning and cost assessment analysis, our detailed inspection and evaluation will assist clients in reaching an informed decision.

We can develop and deliver studies with solid content on environmental impact, grid connection methodology, sizing and different configuration arrangements. 

Design & Specification

We provide detailed design of substations from our extensive history of engineering solution delivery over the years in T&D systems.

Where specifications permit, our design philosophy will incorporate modular construction to facilitate more efficient, flexible and consistent infrastructure.

HV cabling, SCADA Systems, earthing, bonding, substation layouts, 3D Modelling all benefit from our expertise that we offer in design solutions to the client.

Studies & Planning

Our Engineers are collaboratively working together to provide solutions and develop the array of services we deliver.

Our library of services is extensive:

  • load forecasting models,
  • network master plans,
  • transient stability studies,
  • load flow,
  • contingency analysis,
  • single and three phase short circuit studies
  • dynamic and transient stability studies,
  • insulation co-ordination studies,
  • voltage regulation,
  • reactive compensation,
  • 3D Modelling,
  • development of network planning and security standards.

Civil Design

Our design hub offers clients complete Civil Design solutions for substation and grid route design.

We have inhouse BIM and AutoCad experts ready to populate civil work packages/drawings in line with planning requirements.


H&MV Engineering has established itself as a leader in turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Energy solution Projects (EPC).


Our Engineering Team is comprised of highly qualified, industry experienced professionals who utilise leading edge software and design.

Our engineering capabilities enable H&MV to provide innovative solutions to our clients worldwide.


Our dedicated team of Procurement Professionals operate with complete transparency in full recognition of regulations, legal compliance and client requirements. H&MV conducts its business with the highest levels of integrity.

Our extensive vendor database ensures that H&MV Engineering remains highly competitive in our global market. Our procurement team cater for each and every project requirement, whether it’s an off the shelf item or a highly specialised /engineered piece of equipment.

Our professionals provide guidance on equipment selection/evaluation, vendor auditing, FAT tests, bulk material supply, services, consumables, construction components, to name but a few.


At the core of H&MV Engineering is our dedication to safety, depicted by our Zero Accidents Culture.

With a project portfolio extending across green and brown field EPC HV projects worldwide, H&MV Engineering is renowned for its commitment to delivering projects on time, safely and in line with budgets.

Our construction crews have worked on projects in extreme weather conditions from the deserts of the Middle East to the sub-zero temperatures and artic conditions in the Nordic Region.

With employees who greet each new challenge with enthusiasm, the key to our success is our flexibility and adaptability.

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