We’re thrilled to be able to catch up in person with Managing Director Nordic Region, Andreas Grøsvik Laukhamar. Oslo based Andreas has a degree in electrical engineering and a Masters in Wind Energy. Andreas has carved out an impressive career to date in the electric power transmission industry and prior to joining H&MV Engineering has held instrumental roles with recognisable brands such as Statnett and Ramboll.

Tell me Andreas what motivates you in relation to working at H&MV Engineering?
Working at H&MV Engineering is exciting! H&MV is a recognised brand and is synonymous with safety, commitment to project delivery and most importantly delivery within deadline & budget. H&MV is all about people. My own journey has been extremely rewarding. H&MV is committed to employee development – that’s evident in the global awards the company has received. At H&MV you never feel isolated. There is a great team around you and the business is operating in a culture of continuous improvement. You feel supported and there is expertise readily at hand should you need clarification or if you need support for a particular project requirement. There is a huge sense of comradeship. Quality and safety are the main drivers here at H&MV also and employees have a huge sense of pride and respect for the company. I feel empowered and motivated by my colleagues and peers.

For those not familiar with H&MV, can you explain more about H&MV’s business?
H&MV Engineering has earned a fantastic profile throughout mainland Europe and the Nordic region in particular. H&MV has been a dominant fixture in the Nordic Area for a number of years now. The business has been working on several major projects and has a reputation in the market as a serious player. We’re actively working with major brands such as Statnett, Ellevio, Vattenfall and numerous Tier 1 hyperscale and co-location providers.

When people hear the name H&MV Engineering they automatically think of safety. We have a zero accidents culture in the company and we are working hard behind the scenes to keep all stakeholders safe. We are leading by example. Our design hubs are dotted around the globe, supporting Norwegian Engineers & operatives and these hubs are offering our clients state of the art technology and leading-edge engineering solutions.

We are currently working on a major contract for Statnett for a new 420/300/132kV substation build in Fagrafjell. This has been a flagship project for the business in Norway to my mind. There has been a lot of attention in the media around this and H&MV have also been commended for our use of fossil-free fuel on sites in the region also. We’re committed to conservation and our environment as a carbon-neutral standard organisation.

Where do you see the future growth potential for the energy sector in the Nordic territories?

The Nordic Countries are attracting interest from mission-critical developers and clients. For our data centre clients and indeed all the sectors we are working in, we boast of having local expertise at hand supported by global experience and promote an early engagement philosophy, tried and tested. H&MV has delivered significant projects in the utility sector in the Nordic territories and we’re leveraging the experience we’ve gained on those projects to expand our reach. Personally, I

see green energy as a developing market in the region. The opportunities are many. H&MV has key expertise in the delivery of renewable power – wind, solar, battery. We provide key expertise in the renewable space.

What is the “stand out” moment in your career to date?
Realising my academic goals of course was important to me. Working in such a fast-paced environment as H&MV Engineering, it’s hard to isolate one instance but if I had to I would say it was my appointment as Managing Director Nordic Region. As a relatively young man, it was humbling to be acknowledged for this significant role but that shows H&MV’s commitment to employee development.

Out of curiosity – how did you end up following the engineering route?
From an early age I have been curious and passionate about science, and later more specifically energy and climate issues. I was keen to learn more about this by taking an engineering degree focusing on energy.

Outside of work – what are you interested in?
Besides spending time with family and friends, I enjoy sports and exploring our beautiful nature.

If I asked you where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time, what would your answer be?
I’m an ambitious individual. H&MV provides me with an environment where I feel nurtured and encouraged to develop personally. I see massive opportunities for H&MV in the region and my plan is to continue on this exciting journey with the business far into the future.